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Assisted Reproduction Unit , Breast Unit , Pediatrics , Orthopedics, Cardiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology , Family Medicine , Urology , Internal Medicine, Podiatry, Endocrinology, and more …

Assisted Reproduction

Many couples have problems to have children in a natural way due to factors like stress, lifestyle, age… At Clínica la Salud we have the resources to make possible your dream.

Our Doctors

At Clínica La Salud we have a great team of specialists’ professionals with broad experience who offer an assistance of quality which is adapted to the needs of each patient.

Medical Units

Medical units of our hospital join together different specialities which work with much pathology.

Assisted Reproduction

“I gave birth a beautiful girl in Clínica La Salud Hospital and the treatment has been wonderful, I recommended to every woman. I have fulfilled my dream”.

Rut Ojosnegros
Urology Patient

“I have been patient of the Urology Department as well as General Medicine and Surgery. I had surgery twice in Clínica La Salud Hospital and the treatment of the doctors and the general staff has been always extraordinary”.

Manuel Vallecillo
Vascular Patient

 I am patient of Vascular Department, among other specialities. In Clínica La Salud Hospital I have always received a friendly and personalized treat.

Wigberto Morales
Insurances companies

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